Fairclough & Co.

The Corner Office

Philip Berry

Fourteen Hundred Square feet, that's what we're working with around here. Five hundred of that occupying dressing rooms, offices, back room and restroom. Consequently, space is a commodity around here and the lack there of forces us to be resourceful. So when I expressed interest in having, not necessarily an office, but a space or surface to work on, a major light bulb went off in Paul Haddock's mind. "Why not the storage closet?" he asked. I admit I had a hard time envisioning it, but we began the transformation nevertheless. The end result was a cozy and surprisingly efficient office space for me. Two of the four walls are upholstered with a tan plaid with a touch of coral and green, the other two walls are exposed brick painted white. Surrounded by priceless photographs and my Grandfather's, the late Jake Berry, desk, I find myself in here most of the day. Although it's a little tight with two people, come by and check it out!